Ultra-Realistic Flight Simulation

X-Plane 10 Global | This is your next flight simulator.

This is your next flight simulator.

The world’s most advanced flight simulator. For Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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For flight sim veterans

Take your home flight simulator to new heights with X-Plane.

  • Beautiful 3-D cockpits.
  • Airliners, gliders, helicopters, and more.
  • Exclusive: The Space Shuttle Orbiter.
  • Combat operations.

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For real-world pilots

Practice in the world’s most realistic flight simulator.

  • Shoot VFR and IFR approaches.
  • Prepare for emergencies.
  • Improve your navigation skills.
  • Fly your airplane from your home airport.

I want to become a better pilot!


X-Plane has been featured inAs seen in Popular Mechanics, Flying Magazine, Flight Training,  PC Gamer, and Joystiq


And is used byUsed by Piper Aircraft, NASA, Cirrus Aircraft, Cessna Aircraft, Japan Airlines, and Precision Flight Controls


What our customers are saying

Your recent update is outstanding! It’s like a new sim! I am overjoyed with what you wonderful people have done and want to be one of the first to let you know! Xp 10 flat out rocks, thanks to your efforts here.

— Mark, from California

So many of these screenshots look like real photographs. How do you guys do it?!

— Sarah, from Missouri

Love XP10! Keep up the great work. I especially love the new ATC. Keep up the great work!

— Gerrad, from Georgia

I’m speechless! There are absolutely  no words that can describe the beauty in X-Plane 10.  I’m an avid flight simmer and current student pilot.  X-Plane 10 is the closest to reality that I’ve experienced.

— Kendal, from Texas



What the reviewers say about X-Plane 10

X-Plane has the DNA of a top notch simulator.

— Fly Away Simulation Review

[X-Plane 10 Global] is a strong contender in the simulation market as it includes the entire world!

— AVSIM Online Review

With an entire Earth to roam – an Earth enveloped by Laminar’s impressively fluid/fearsome weather fronts – and an Aladdin’s aerodrome of usermade content waiting to be downloaded, X-Plane 10 is more of a hobby than a game.

— PC Gamer Review

The result [of the new scenery] is very plausible cities . . .

— Out of Eight Review