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AVweb Interview with X-Plane Creator Austin Meyer

Austin Meyer, creator and developer of X-Plane, was recently featured in a podcast on AVweb. In the interview, Austin talks about:

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Laminar Research Founder, Austin Meyer, Patent Troll Petition Interview

February 1, 2013, Columbia, South Carolina. Austin Meyer, Laminar Research and X-Plane Founder, shared in a recent interview the following comments about a White House Petition launched by Laminar Research, creators of the world renowned X-Plane Flight Simulator.

Question: Recently, Uniloc brought a lawsuit against Laminar Research for its X-Plane app based on patent infringement. Please explain to readers how, when a routine source code technology in which all android apps are based, a company like Uniloc can make such a claim.

Austin: Since I am being sued now, I cannot talk about the specifics of this lawsuit.

The best article that I can point you to, though, is this one, if the readers wish to understand how someone could file a lawsuit based on commonly-used technology.

Question: Most companies settle because of the expense involved in defending such a lawsuit, you are willing to spend potentially 1.5 million to defend the X-Plane app than to settle for much less. Why? What is your ultimate goal by fighting the lawsuit?

Austin: This is an email someone sent me, and it explains how one company settled with a patent troll… and then was promptly sued for many MORE “infringements”.

While I cannot talk about my specific case since it is in litigation, let me ask you a hypothetical question: If someone sues you for nothing, should you pay them money, so they have the incentive to do it again?

Question: How might initiating this White House petition assist in possibly changing the current patent troll process? Where can the reader go to find out more the petition?

Austin: Go here

This will force trolls to pay the defense cost of the other side if they file a suit that has no merit. And, if you want, you can help me defend against Uniloc.

I am sorry my replies are brief, and link to articles or statements made by others, but since I am being sued now, my ability to discuss specifics is limited.


Laminar Research, Creators of World-Renowned Flight Simulator X-Plane, Initiate Patent Troll Petition

January 24, 2013, Columbia, South Carolina. A White House Petition has been launched by Laminar Research, creators of the world renowned X-Plane Flight Simulator. The purpose of the petition is to persuade the government to make it more difficult for companies known as patent trolls to file frivolous patent lawsuits. A lawsuit was recently brought against Laminar Research by Uniloc (a company that has filed countless lawsuits, but does not have any history of developing or selling flight simulators), claiming that X-Plane for Android infringes on “their” ideas. (more…)

ATR-72 Spotlight

The McPhat StudiosATR 72-500 for X-Plane was recently released. It features a accurate flight model, that has been tested by a real world ATR pilot, a detailed exterior, a 3D cockpit and custom sounds. It also comes with many free liveries including American Eagle, Alitalia Express, FedEX Express and many more. From the looks of it, it is very in depth, this is something I really enjoy. Priced at $32 USD it’s in the mid range for pricing. I think it’s more than fair for an aircraft of this quality. It’s available at the Aerosoft store.

If you have it, we’d love to know what you think, shoot us a tweet on our Twitter or post on our Facebook wall.

MiG-29 Fulcrum Spotlight


The MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter is a Russian fighter jet mainly used by the Russian Air Force. It was designed to stay completive with the American F-15 and F-16. It is a very agile machine, it can fly at speeds greater than Mach 2.

Let’s talk about new X-Plane MiG-29 from Colimata. It has a beautiful 3D cockpit, one thing that really stood out to me is the checklists, conveniently located next to the joystick, a whole binder of checklists appears to give you ease of mind that you didn’t forget anything. From every picture I’ve seen, it is very realistic.  The aircraft even comes with a FPS friendly 2D panel. Better yet, it’s all in English so you don’t have to refer to Google Translate while dog-fighting…. The exterior is also realistically modeled. The flaps, control surfaces, slats and air brakes are all animated. It comes with a manual and tutorial videos. Check out the presentation video below! Right now, it is only available on the .org store for $24.95.

YouTube Preview Image

C-17 Review

The C-17 Globemaster III is the workhorse of the United States Air Force. It is optimized for short runway operations, and its uses vary from carrying the President’s limousine to delivering troops overseas. Dawson Design and Virtavia created a fully 3D C-17 model for X-Plane, and it came out very well.

From the many multi-function displays to the to the joystick pedestal, the cockpit is very realistic. The cargo bay gives you the cavernous feeling you get in the real C-17.  Under the captain’s HUD there are a few buttons, they let you select which seat in the cockpit you would like to position view (First Officer seat and jump seats).  You can also bring up the control panel, there you can control how much fuel and cargo to carry.  Also you can operate the cargo and crew doors. The FMS utilizes the default X-Plane system but has some slightly different graphics. Also, you must turn it on separately from the other avionics.

Overall this is a very nice aircraft with a very accurate cockpit. I had the privilege of walking around a C-17 at Oshkosh this past summer, and I have found this model very true to the real one. It is on sale for $26.21 until 12/30/12. You can pick it up at the x-plane.org store. While you are flying this aircraft, it will become clear the skill level of the designers. They really have their act together!


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See X-Plane Owner Austin Meyer on CBS!

Tomorrow (Friday 21 December) around 7.30 am, CBS will air a short story featuring Austin Meyer, owner and lead developer of X-Plane. Austin says:

If anyone wants to see some in-cockpit footage of me flying, and see me interviewed about the patent-trolling suit in which I am involved, tune into “CBS This Morning” on Friday morning, around 730 am or so… the interview should broadcast then, with in-cockpit footage of me in 428X!

If you’re near a TV, check it out!

Update: If you missed the interview, you can watch it on the CBS website.


X-Plane 9 for Android is now free

Recently, we have changed the price of X-Plane 9 for Android from $2.99 to free. We understand that this comes as a shock to users who have purchased the product in the past. As a company, we have invested a lot of time, money and hard work into providing an application of professional quality on Android devices. We feel that this application is easily worth the initial purchase price that we were asking in the past however based on user feedback, we’ve decided to try a different pricing model. It’s important to note that only the initial purchase price of the application has changed. Premium aircraft and scenery regions still require additional purchases as they always have so users who have purchased these in the past will still continue to enjoy them without any changes.

Interview with X-Plane Developer Austin Meyer

A couple weeks ago, EAA Radio conducted an interview with Austin Meyer, who, in the words of one interviewer, “is pretty much X-Plane.” They discuss the origins if X-Plane and its use in aeronautical engineering (testing an aircraft’s design and seeing how it will fly in the real world). They also talk about what it takes to certify X-Plane through the FAA for flight training, and the long road that led to the creation of the VP-400 “Seeker” avionics.

Download Part 1 (MP3, 8 MB) Download Part 2 (MP3, 10 MB)

Aircraft Review: Pitts S-2S by Alabeo

The Pitts S-2S is a extremely fun aircraft to fly.  The developer, Alabeo, simulated that fun perfectly!  Everything about this aircraft feels and looks correct.  From the beautifully realistic 3D cockpit to the amazing liveries, this aircraft is spectacular!  The panel is quite basic. This is not a problem because the real joy of this aircraft is in the flight handling.  It can do anything from level flight to corkscrews at five hundred feet! Even though there is not very much in the cockpit, they cut no corners to make it functionally beautiful!  There are pop-up menus that allow you to control everything from the FOV  to whether or not the pilot’s helmet has a visor. The S-2S was made as an acrobatic aircraft, not a cross-country machine.  Although it ships with only three liveries, there is a free expansion pack that adds three more beautiful paint jobs. This is an aircraft that you will not regret buying!  It is a steal for only $19.95!  It can be obtained on the Alabeo store. This beauty is a beast!

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