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PC hardware

Get the perfect hardware

X-Plane works with a countless number of joysticks and hardware. However, if you would like help selecting the perfect hardware guaranteed to work with X-Plane, here are our suggestions.

Digital Edge sells joysticks, yokes, throttles, and pedals, all of which have been selected for their high quality and known compatibility with X-Plane.

Mac computers

Austin Meyer, the author of X-Plane, does all of his development work for X-Plane on Macs, and he recommends them. The latest iMacs and Mac Pros from Apple run X-Plane well, though they will not be able to “max out” X-Plane 10 (there’s not a personal computer on the planet to do that yet!).

Windows computers and joysticks

Digital Edge is a company run by Laminar Research employees that sells Windows computers and accessories that are guaranteed to work with X-Plane out of the box. If you are not sure which joysticks to get, which computer to buy, and so on, we recommend going to Digital Edge for that hardware. Everything you get there will have been selected by Laminar Research employees to work perfectly with X-Plane.

Get custom aircraft files for X-Plane

Laminar Research offers the capability to custom-create real aircraft for X-Plane on a contract basis. This work can duplicate an owner’s airplane, down to the paint, tail number, avionics and instrument panel, including the proper placement of controls and switches. This process includes custom one-off engineering and graphics design work. Historically, we have even certified a few of these aircraft for use with the FAA-certified version of X-Plane. As you can imagine, this work is priced accordingly and is not inexpensive. Typical costs range from $3,500 to $10,000 per file.

In the past, these custom planes have been created for the US government, various well-known aircraft manufacturers, and private aircraft owners. The aircraft created range from Cessna Citations and Piaggio Avantis, to Beechcraft Barons, to Piper Saratogas.

Click here to learn how to commission a project like this.

Get X-Plane merchandise

What’s the perfect gift for the flight simulation enthusiast in your life? How about a high-quality, stylish X-Plane t-shirt or mouse pad?

Our store, hosted by Zazzle.com, stocks a number of different designs. In addition, each t-shirt design can be printed on a variety of t-shirt styles and colors.

Please note that orders are fulfilled through Zazzle; for questions regarding shipping, returns, or for other customer service, see the Zazzle contact page.