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KLAS Additions in X-Plane 11.25

In honor of FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas, X-Plane 11.25b1 was released on June 9 and includes improved scenery at KLAS Mc Carran International Airport. New landmarks have been added to enhance and complete the Las Vegas Strip, including Trump Tower, Circus Circus, Wynn & Encore. Screenshots

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FilghtSimExpo this weekend

The X-Plane team will be attending FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas NV this weekend.  Attendees will be able to stop by our booth to say hello any time during the weekend. There will also be plenty of Laminar Research folks around to get add-on questions answered, so developers should definitely stop by to see us if you […]

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World’s Busiest Airports in X-Plane 11.20

X-Plane 11.20 includes an update to default airport scenery that includes 3D scenery for 30 of the busiest airports in the world. These airports have the most total aircraft movements, which is a landing or a takeoff of an aircraft. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (KATL) leads the pack, with Beijing Capital International (ZBAA) in the top five, and Charles […]

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Top Chinese Airports in X-Plane 11.20

ZSHC airport in X-Plane 11.20

X-Plane 11.20 included over 1000 airports with new 3d scenery, including 8 of the top international airports in China. China is projected to become the world’s largest aviation market in the next five years, and these airports will be an important part.

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X-Plane 11.20 final released

X-Plane 11.20 VR Hardware settings tab

The latest free update to X-Plane 11 is now available for everyone! X-Plane 11.20 includes a lot of exciting new features, such as native Virtual Reality, a new aircraft, & a new set of landmarks. Links to some highlights are below, and you can find the full release notes with all changes and bug fixes […]

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Meet X-Plane at FlightSimExpo 2018

Mark your calendars to join nearly the entire X-Plane team at FlightSimExpo 2018 in Las Vegas, NV on June 8-10. The Laminar Research team will be presenting the latest news and behind the scenes information on our work on X-Plane on Saturday, June 9 at 10:15 am. We’ll also have a booth so you can […]

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Customizable Jetways & Terminal Kit Additions in X-Plane 11.20

X-Plane 11.20 jetway kit

Continuing our commitment to making the X-Plane world living, breathing, and believable, X-Plane 11.20 includes even more options for customizing airports. Multiple types of brand new facades allow scenery artists to customize the shape, length and appearance of airport jetways. Learn more about how to customize jetways in WED in this scenery developer article. The […]

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Behind the GPS: Interview with Philipp Ringler

Q: What’s your title with X-Plane? Answer: Laminar Research doesn’t have an actual title policy, so depending on the time of day and who I’m talking to I’d be a software developer, analyst, avionics researcher or flight instructor. My main responsibility in X-Plane is avionics and navigational data, so everything that helps you to get […]

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X-Plane 10 Mobile Reflection Improvements

Physically Based Rendering (or PBR for short) was a new feature in X-Plane 11. Now, it’s coming to X-Plane 10 Mobile! Check out the video below to see the before and after comparisons for how this will affect what you see in the app. Music: Going Higher –

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X-Plane 11 Landmarks: Sydney, Australia

X-Plane 11.20 Sydney Australia

X-Plane 11.20 adds another set of world landmarks for Sydney, Australia. Don’t miss the iconic Sydney Opera House, which boasts over 8 million visitors a year and status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the nearby Harbour Bridge, also nicknamed « The Coathangar. » Screenshots

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