We will have 2 generators, 2 batteries, 2 electrical buses, and a cross-tie.

Umm... dunno if that is any different from standard or not. It seems safe to me.


We are doing ONE teeny thing a LITTLE different from stock. In the stock airplane, the hydraulic resevior fits under aft baggage floor. It is wide and low.

BUT, for the best-possible system, you want the resevior to be tall and thin, so the pickup is at the bottom of a tall, thin resevior where it will always pick up a nice deep draw of hydraulic fluid... fluid that cannot be splashed out of the way due to turbulence or manuevering, as might happen in a wide, shallow resevoir. So, we will have a tall, thin resevior mounted on the aft bulkhead instead of a low, wide one mounted under the floorboards. It may be a tiny bit less convenient to be able to see the hydraulic pump and resevoir inside the baggage area, but it will be easier to inspect and maybe give a more reliable flow of fluid, which is good.

OK that's all I've got here. Not too much. What can I say? The systems on the stock Evolution are so good that even when I am willing to put all the time, knowledge, and money I have into the project, I just can't find that much to improve on!