Now we install the TCAS computer. This thing will detect other airplanes in my vicinity and scream bloody murder if they get too close.

But there is a problem! The body of the airplane is way too curved to possibly mount a computer where this one goes. So, they made a little fairing, or mounting-platform, for the computer to sit on, out of carbon fiber for me as part of the kit. I need only install it! So here we go.

First, with the computer on the platform, we see how the platform fits in the tail of the airplane, under the baggage-area floor.

Then, drill a few holes to insert some clecos in those holes to hold the platform perfectly still and in place.

See the clecos in the bottom of the picture?

Now sand the bottom of the platform good and rough so the resin can get a good bond there.

See? All sanded.

Now brush the resin into the area we obviously sanded clear of sealant:

And brush resin onto the bottom of the platform as well, where it will attach to the airplane:

And then mix in the fibers and smear on the resulting goop to get a nice thick paste all along the edges of the platform:

See? We got paste all along the bottom of the platform!

Now drop it into place, and hold it there with clecos!