OK so now it is time to install a box in the airplane.

I don't know what this box DOES, but it seems to do something involving electricity.

Anyway, it goes on the floor of the fuselage, UNDER the cockpit floor. So, here we go! We simply put it in place on the aircraft floor.

Then mark around it's feet with a black marker. See the black circles drawn around it's little round feet?

Now we get out this little spinny sanding thing, air-powered:

And now we sanded the fuel/water/hydraulic-fluid proof gray sealant form the floor where the black marker circles were! This cleared the sealant out for the feet to sit down and get a good grip.

Then pump in the resin and catalyst.


And mix it up, and brush it onto the sabded areas, while madly lecturing the person taking pictures:

See? Brush it in:

Now that the area where the feet will go is wet, pour in some powdered sugar. It did not TASTE like powdered sugar, though....

And stir it up in the resin...

And now you have peanut-butter!

Smooch it all over the little feet of the electrical box:

And then simply drop the box into the airplane, so the goop all over the feet grabs into the sanded and resin-wet area in the bottom of the plane! Then leave it alone to dry! So easy it is ridiculous!