The rudder pedals come from Lancair just looking amazingly awesome. So well-machined! Really nice! I need do only the tiniest amount of work simply bolting them together to make the complete system.

Here, I put a bolt in place to hold the left and right halves together. (Left and right halves are not connected, but both arrive in the same box for rapid assembly)

And tighten that bolt to just the right torque:

We are supposed to torque to a certain amount... soon, you learn to feel that torque without having to wait for the wrench to give the over-torque indication.

Put the little bits of the braking system in place on the master cylinders:

And attach them to the rudder pedals...

Ah here is a better picture:

OK I don't remember what I was doing here:

More tightening of hardware to just the right torque:

And, the finished product! You can see the pilot and copilot pedals. As well, the horizontal smaller bar behind them keeps them both in sync, so they both move together. As well, you can see all 4 master cylinders attached to the pedals, ready to provide braking pressure once the lines are plugged in! A really nice assembly, completed after a jokingly-small amount of work, thanks to Lancair's ridiculously-excellent design of this hardware.