OK we take our little drilling spinning sharp wheel thingy on an air-hose and cut out the INNER layer of carbon fiber inside the fuselage.

We are drilling the place where the Chuck Norris cookies from the last step will live. Remember, the body of the evolution is made of many layers of carbon fiber. There are the outer layers, the core, and then the inner layers. This gives a stiff, strong, light, structure. Here, we want to drill out the inner layers of carbon fiber, but most certainly NOT go through the OUTER layers! Yikes!

OK I drilled a circle through the inner layers only. Now some pliers to pull the bit of carbon fiber loose!

And now you see the core! This is the core I was talking about! You can see how it is a really light-weight thing that lives between the inner and outer carbon-fiber layers!

Now we use a rather clumsy, sloppy, low-tech, annoying, but functional way to remove the core: A chisel.

See? It peels right out! And you can see the next layers of carbon fiber behind it, which are the outer skin of the airplane!

NOW we hav a pretty nice tool for the job. Hooked to an air-hose, this spinny-thingy will oull out the core UNDER the lip of the inner fuselage carbon fiber skin.

See? DONE! Now that is a REALLY nice mounting-point for the solid 1/2" thick fiberglass Chuck Norris cookies made in the last step!

And here I am fitting one of those cookines for the pilot's belt, which does not need a hole cut because of the shape of the body around there.