This is the wiring harness of a Lancair Evolution.

This is what carries information and power throughout the airplane. Lancair delivered it to me exactly like this as part of my kit, all ready to install. NICE!

And here I am making a FAKE COPY OF IT with really cheap wire. Why? Simple: We want to install all the systems and boxes and mounting harnesses and stuff with a FAKE wiring harness so that when we get carbon fiber dust and stuff all over the wires, and perhaps bind or tear or cut any wires, we are only messing up the cheap fake harness mock-up! Remember, carbon-fiber dust IS conductive, so you DON'T want it inside your wiring harness! So, we do all the work inside the airplane with the cheap copy. Then, once all of that work is done and the airplane is cleaned out, and all the carbon fiber dust cleaned away, we install the REAL wiring harness in the airplane! Then, we give the fake wiring harness I made to the NEXT customer, so everyone that comes through RDD with their airplane can use it to quickly locate all their mounting brackets and stuff. Now somebody owes me a free beer.