We are super excited about our upcoming release of X-Plane Mobile. This update will include amazing additions like global scenery, an updated flight model and a myriad of graphic improvements. Here are some frequently requested answers!

“May I be in the beta?”

Thanks for your excitement! We are currently at capacity for beta testers. No new testers will be accepted at the moment. If this changes in the future, we will announce a new application process on our Twitter page.

“Where’s the Android/iOS beta?”

We have released beta version of both Android and iOS! Testing is currently over way.

“I have received an email from Laminar about the beta but no App Store/Google Play invitation.”

If you have been notified that you were accepted into the beta program but you have not received an App Store/Google Play email, that means that you are in the queue for testers but it’s not your turn to test just yet! Keep an eye out for your invite soon.

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