X-Plane 10 Home-Use USB Key

This USB key enables you to use X-Plane 10 without a DVD.

Please note:

  • You do not need to purchase the USB key if you purchased X-Plane Digital Download edition.
  • The USB key is used to unlock X-Plane 10 without a disc, and will unlock the demo version of X-Plane 10.
  • The USB key does not include a full, working copy of X-Plane 10. The full version of X-Plane must be purchased on discs or via digital download in order to view global scenery and access the simulation’s full features.
  • Before using this USB key, you will need to download and install the HASP USB key drivers.

If you’re not absolutely sure this is what you need, we recommend simply purchasing the digital download edition of X-Plane.

Bulk Discounts Available

QuantityPer Unit Discount
10 $7.499
20 $14.998
30 $22.497
40 $29.996