X-Plane 9 Level II USB Key

The X-Plane 9 Level II USB key allows you to use X-Plane 9 for commercial use, FAA-approved simulators, and EFIS App. You will need one Level II USB key for each copy of X-Plane or EFIS-App on your network—if you have 3 computers networked together to power your simulator, you will need three Level II USB keys (along with a single copy of the X-Plane 9 Home-Use DVDs, which you can use to install X-Plane on all your computers).

The Level II simulator is similar to the basic, home-use version of X-Plane 9, but it adds EFIS App, a standalone program that runs on its own computer that gives a very realistic Avidyne primary flight display (PFD) and modular flight deck (MFD). All that is required to run this is a copy of X- Plane or EFIS-App from X-Plane.com and a Level II key for each computer that will be networked into the simulator. Of course, two monitors can be hooked up to one computer running EFIS-App so that one only has to buy one computer to run both the Avidyne PFD and MFD, which will save some money.

Additionally, this is the key that needs to be used for commercial purposes and FAA-approved simulators for flight training. This gives a “Commercial Use” startup message. It checks for flight controls and it self-tests the frame rate for FAA certification.

Note: To use the USB keys, you will need a set of X-Plane 9 DVDs. The X-Plane installer is not included with the USB keys. Only one set of DVDs is required for any number of computers using USB keys, however–that is, you do not need one set of discs per computer, just one set total. Note also that you will need one USB key per computer in your simulator; thus, a commercial-grade simulator made up of 10 computers would need 10 USB keys and a single set of DVDs.

To use these USB keys, you will need to download and install the HASP USB key driver.

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