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Learn about the lawsuit brought against the creators of X-Plane

In September 2012, Laminar Research (creators of X-Plane) was informed that it and a handful of other developers of Android apps were facing millions of dollars in litigation for using a copy protection technology present in virtually every Android application ever developed.

Learn about the lawsuit

Learn more about this “patent trolling” lawsuit.

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What people are saying about X-Plane

Want to read about what actual users are doing with X-Plane?  Well there’s a place just for that – Check it out at our user stories page.

Austin’s Adventures

Austin Meyer, owner and developer of X-Plane, keeps a personal blog called Austin’s Adventures.

News and Development Blogs

Want to keep up on the latest goings-on in the world of X-Plane development? Check out the News page for general X-Plane news, and the Developer’s blog for more technical posts. It’s like choosing between the blue pill and the red one.  You can also keep up to date with the latest news on Laminar Research through the press releases found at the Laminar Research press release page.

Expanding X-Plane with New Aircraft, Scenery, and Plug-Ins

Visit X-Plane.orgX-Plane can be modified in a number of ways. You can add aircraft or custom scenery, or you can download plug-ins that can radically alter the functionality of the simulator. If you don’t find the aircraft, scenery, or plug-ins you’re looking for, you can create your own with a bit of programming know-how. It’s all discussed on the Extending X-Plane page, or jump right into Plane Maker and WorldEditor on the Development Tools page.

Joining the X-Plane Community

A number of X-Plane user communities exist across the Web.

X-Plane Mailing Lists

The X-Plane News list: Keeps users up to date on X-Plane progress with a weekly(-ish) email. Send a blank email to x-plane-news-subscribe@egroups.com to join.

The X-Plane Technical list: The main X-Plane forum (sends tons of email, all non-commercial). Send a blank email to x-plane-tech-subscribe@egroups.com to join.

The X-Plane Chat list: The main X-Plane gossip forum (sends tons of email, all non-commercial). Send a blank email to x-plane-chat-subscribe@egroups.com to join.

The X-Plane Features list: List discussing possible new features for X-Plane (sends tons of email, all non-commercial). Send a blank email to x-plane-features-subscribe@egroups.com to join.