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X-Plane 10+11 Digital Download

Get X-Plane 11 on launch day!

Buy a copy of X-Plane 10 Digital Download now, and receive a free product key to download X-Plane 11 the day it comes out.

Digital Download Features

This edition is great for people who:

  • Want to get started using X-Plane immediately, without waiting for DVDs to ship
  • Don’t have a DVD drive
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • Don’t want to use a DVD to get out of demo mode
  • Have a computer that meets these minimum requirements

X-Plane 10 includes:

  • Universal platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Worldwide scenery
  • 40+ aircraft
  • Free internet updates for all versions of 10.xx, including airport improvements

When you purchase the digital download edition, you will receive an email confirmation with your product key. This key will allow you to download, install, and use X-Plane 10 without needing any other products.

Other Ways to Purchase

Note: None of the products listed below include access to X-Plane 11 when it launches. To receive a free copy of X-Plane 11, purchase the digital download above.

Older Versions of X-Plane