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Update or Install X-Plane 10

Get the X-Plane 10 Installer/Updater

The tool available using the buttons below will allow you to:

  • install X-Plane from your set of X-Plane 10 DVDs,
  • install X-Plane with a digital download product key, or
  • update your existing copy of X-Plane 10 to the latest version.

Note that this will not update or install the demo version of X-Plane. For that, see the X-Plane 10 Demo page.

Download for Windows Download for Mac OS X

Download for Linux (64-bit) Download for Linux (32-bit)

Updating X-Plane 10

We constantly come out with free updates with lots of improvements. You can update X-Plane by opening the About menu in X-Plane and clicking “About X-Plane.” The simulator will check for new versions and prompt you to install them. For detailed instructions, see the Knowledge Base article Updating X-Plane.

You can also manually update X-Plane using the installer/updater found above. If you have already installed X-Plane, this installer will give you an option to update the sim to the latest version or add/remove scenery.

The Release Notes list the changes present in the latest beta version of X-Plane.

Installing the X-Plane 10 DVDs

If you have trouble installing X-Plane 10 from your DVDs, try using the installer above. To do so:

  1. Download the installer/updater appropriate to your platform above.
  2. Insert the X-Plane Disc 1 DVD into your disc drive.
  3. Run the installer that you downloaded. Do not run the installer found on the DVD.

For detailed instructions, see the Quick Start Guide in the X-Plane Knowledge Base.