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Update or Install X-Plane 10

Get the X-Plane 10 Installer/Updater

The tool available using the buttons below will allow you to:

  • install X-Plane from your set of X-Plane 10 DVDs,
  • install X-Plane with a digital download product key, or
  • update your existing copy of X-Plane 10 to the latest version.

Download for Windows Download for Mac OS X

Download for Linux (64-bit) Download for Linux (32-bit)

Updating X-Plane 10

We constantly come out with free updates with lots of improvements. You can update X-Plane by opening the About menu in X-Plane and clicking “About X-Plane.” The simulator will check for new versions and prompt you to install them. For detailed instructions, see the Knowledge Base article Updating X-Plane.

You can also manually update X-Plane using the installer/updater found above. If you have already installed X-Plane, this installer will give you an option to update the sim to the latest version or add/remove scenery.

The Release Notes list the changes present in the latest beta version of X-Plane.

Installing the X-Plane 10 DVDs

If you have trouble installing X-Plane 10 from your DVDs, try using the installer above. To do so:

  1. Download the installer/updater appropriate to your platform above.
  2. Unzip & run the installer file that you downloaded.
  3. Insert the X-Plane Disc 1 DVD into your disc drive, or enter your digital download product key.

For detailed instructions, see the Quick Start Guide in the X-Plane Knowledge Base.