Ultra-Realistic Flight Simulation

Custom Flight Simulators for Professional Use

Custom Flight Simulators for Professional Use

Excel Aviation is a company run by Laminar Research employees which builds and sells custom, full-cockpit flight simulators. They have experience building cockpit sims for a variety of aircraft.

Authorities that have certified Excel simulators in the past include:

  • the FAA,
  • Transport Canada, and
  • the Brazilian National Aircraft Authority (ANAC).

To work with Excel on modeling your own aircraft, and even getting it certified as a basic aviation training device (BATD) by the FAA, contact us now.


The Air Tractor AT-802

This simulator was built for customers in Brazil. It is FAA certified as a BATD, and it will eventually be certified by the Brazilian authority, ANAC.


Commissioning Custom Aircraft

Let the makers of X-Plane model your plane

X-Plane comes with 35 or 40 different aircraft, and there are thousands of additional aircraft available on the Internet, typically available for free or for a small fee. As well, X-Plane 9 users can create their own aircraft using the included Plane-Maker software.

In addition, Laminar Research can custom build or modify aircraft files to suit your needs and also provide engineering and consulting services. This work is much more expensive than the files that are available from sites such as X-Plane.org, but our models are built to the highest level of realism. Each model is professionally engineered, built, and textured to match the customer’s specification.

Additionally, we can help your company with aircraft design as well as preliminary and full flight analysis on new designs. We can even make professional quality movies of your aircraft in flight for your use in selling and marketing your concept.

In the past, custom aircraft files have been created for the US government as well as various well-known aircraft manufacturers and private owners. The aircraft created range from Cessna Citations and Piaggio Avantis, to Beechcraft Barons and Piper Saratogas. Typically this work starts at $3,500 for aircraft files. Engineering and consulting services are contracted at $150 per hour.

Randy Witt can provide custom aircraft files as well as engineering and flight test services tailored to your specific requirements. This may entail accurately building the aircraft you fly or own, modifying or completing a file you’ve been working on (and have license to), or utilizing our professional design services to thoroughly test a design your company may be working on. This work may include software only or include the design, construction and support of avionics, flight controls, cockpits, and even fully enclosed full cockpit simulators with advanced visual systems. This work can be FAA certified, if necessary.

For more information, please contact Randy Witt, our development and support manager, at 913-269-0976 or email at info@x-plane.com.

Look at what we’ve done

The following aircraft have been created for past customers:

  • Alenia AC-27J gunship
  • Air Tractor AT-802 agricultural aircraft
  • Corben Baby Ace (experimental)
  • Bede BD-5B and BD-5J (experimental)
  • Cozy Mark IV canard
  • X-Prize contender (name confidential)
  • Eagle 150 three-surface aircraft
  • ERCO Ercoupe
  • Human-powered aircraft
  • Aerocar Mini-IMP (experimental)
  • Personal air vehicle (experimental)
  • NASA-built oblique flying wing
  • Paraglider
  • Phantom biplane
  • Pietenpol Air Camper (early experimental)
  • PJ-1 experimental jet
  • Transavia PL-12 Airtruk twin-boom agricultural craft
  • Remos G3 (experimental)
  • Van’s RV-9A and RV-10 (experimental)
  • Hughes H-4 “Spruce Goose”
  • Terrafugia Transition roadable aircraft
  • Beechcraft Baron 58
  • Beechcraft Bonanza 36
  • Piper Saratoga with custom-modified avionics system and instrument panel
  • Embraer airliners
  • Eclipse 500 personal jet
  • Cessna Citation II

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