X-Plane 11 Pro-Use USB

X-Plane 11 Professional-Use USB Key

X-Plane for Professional-Use is the world’s foremost general-purpose flight simulator. It allows you to build a professional-grade flight simulator using a standard Mac (with the exception of MacOS Catalina), Windows, or Linux computer.

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A Pro-Use license is required for operating the X-Plane simulator for commercial use.

Note: an internet connection is required to complete the initial installation of X-Plane only.

Designed for professional-use and FAA-certified simulators, the Pro-Use Key will:

  • Unlock the simulator from demo mode without an internet connection.
  • Run frame-rate and joystick checks on startup, as is needed for FAA certification.
  • Include image warping calculations to make the scenery look correct on curved projection screens (for spherical and cylindrical projection systems).
  • Run edge blending calculations so that the images projected by adjacent projectors look correct (so that you do not get bright bands in the area of the projection between adjacent projectors).
  • License your simulator for commercial use (i.e., any use of X-Plane outside your own home). A Pro-Use license is required for operating the X-Plane simulator for company use, universities, etc.

Here is how it works:

Ordering this Professional-Use USB Key gets you everything you need to install and use X-Plane 11, including the X-Plane 11 digital key that allows you to download X-Plane, including all global scenery, and take you out of (time-limited) demo mode.

The Pro-Use USB Keys unlock all the features listed above and take you out of (time-limited) demo mode.

So, to build a simulator for professional or commercial use, simply:

  • Use the included digital key provided to install X-Plane with global scenery on all of your computers, and
  • buy one professional-use key per computer running X-Plane.
  • download and install the HASP USB key driver on each computer you’re using a key with.

Email [email protected] for purchase assistance.

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