An X-Plane 10 Neighborhood

Tyler Young

Here we have scenes from a suburban neighborhood in X-Plane 10. It features a variety of houses, trees, and cars, with the sort of sprawling, haphazard layout seen in suburbs across the US.

The scenery here is still “in progress”–there are a few artifacts here and there, and it’s a bit repetitive in places–but it does exemplify the kind of look we’re going for in Version 10.

These images were taken on a latest-generation iMac–a nice machine, but the specs on it are not spectacular for home use. Our (quite acheivable) goal is to have this level of detail (or near it) available on any moderately fast home computer. In practice, X-Plane 10 should be reasonably scalable, with nice graphics for high end machines and the ability to turn off resource-intense features on slower machines.

Images (click to see full size)

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