Aircraft Review: Pitts S-2S by Alabeo

Thomson Meeks

The Pitts S-2S is a extremely fun aircraft to fly.  The developer, Alabeo, simulated that fun perfectly!  Everything about this aircraft feels and looks correct.  From the beautifully realistic 3D cockpit to the amazing liveries, this aircraft is spectacular!  The panel is quite basic. This is not a problem because the real joy of this aircraft is in the flight handling.  It can do anything from level flight to corkscrews at five hundred feet! Even though there is not very much in the cockpit, they cut no corners to make it functionally beautiful!  There are pop-up menus that allow you to control everything from the FOV  to whether or not the pilot’s helmet has a visor. The S-2S was made as an acrobatic aircraft, not a cross-country machine.  Although it ships with only three liveries, there is a free expansion pack that adds three more beautiful paint jobs. This is an aircraft that you will not regret buying!  It is a steal for only $19.95!  It can be obtained on the Alabeo store. This beauty is a beast!

See ya later!


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