Developer Spotlight: Alabeo

Thomson Meeks

Howdy folks!

Today we talked to Fernando Herrera from Alabeo, the company behind the amazing new Pitts S-2S for X-Plane, which we will be reviewing soon! Alabeo has been a part of the FSX and Prepar3D payware markets for some time now. They decided to add X-Plane to their portfolio because they believe we have a bright future. When I asked him if the transition to Plane Maker was a challenge, he replied, “Yes, it was difficult, but we have a very talented team which did the correct things, plus we associated with an X-Plane expert.”  Alabeo will continue to develop aircraft for X-Plane, FSX and Prepar3D. At the moment, their team is working on the WACO YMF for FSX/P3D and the Sukhoi SU26 for X-Plane. This a company that will bring good things to the X-Plane community!

See ya’ later!


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