ForeFlight Charts Supported in X-Plane 10.10 Beta 9

Tyler Young

The latest beta version of X-Plane 10 supports ForeFlight. In their words, ForeFlight provides “beautiful, full-screen weather maps; complete airport data; plates; TFRs and AIR/SIGMETs; moving map with VFR/IFR charts and data-driven maps; and much more make ForeFlight Mobile your permanent Second-in-Command.”

This is a tool (primarily for use by pilots in the real world) for getting moving maps, weather updates, and more while in the cockpit. In the words of Austin Meyer, it is “about ten million times better than using paper charts.” Now, though, instead of being limited to real in-flight use, you can connect this tool to X-Plane for training!

How to use it

  1. After updating X-Plane to the latest Beta version, launch X-Plane.
  2. Open the Settings menu and click Internet Options. There, go to the iPhone/iPod tab and turn on the ForeFlight option.
  3. Download ForeFlight from the App Store and run it.
  4. Go to the “More…” menu at the bottom of ForeFlight and to the Devices item on the left. Touch it, and see the X-Plane window that appears. Touch that, too, and a window will come up that lets you enable it.
  5. Make sure your iPhone/iPad is connected to the same wireless network as the computer you will run X-Plane on.
  6. Launch ForeFlight on your iPhone or iPad, and launch X-Plane on your computer. At this point, you can use ForeFlight just like you would in the cockpit! Cool!

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