Laminar Research Founder, Austin Meyer, Patent Troll Petition Interview

Tyler Young

February 1, 2013, Columbia, South Carolina. Austin Meyer, Laminar Research and X-Plane Founder, shared in a recent interview the following comments about a White House Petition launched by Laminar Research, creators of the world renowned X-Plane Flight Simulator.

Question: Recently, Uniloc brought a lawsuit against Laminar Research for its X-Plane app based on patent infringement. Please explain to readers how, when a routine source code technology in which all android apps are based, a company like Uniloc can make such a claim.

Austin: Since I am being sued now, I cannot talk about the specifics of this lawsuit.

The best article that I can point you to, though, is this one, if the readers wish to understand how someone could file a lawsuit based on commonly-used technology.

Question: Most companies settle because of the expense involved in defending such a lawsuit, you are willing to spend potentially 1.5 million to defend the X-Plane app than to settle for much less. Why? What is your ultimate goal by fighting the lawsuit?

Austin: This is an email someone sent me, and it explains how one company settled with a patent troll… and then was promptly sued for many MORE “infringements”.

While I cannot talk about my specific case since it is in litigation, let me ask you a hypothetical question: If someone sues you for nothing, should you pay them money, so they have the incentive to do it again?

Question: How might initiating this White House petition assist in possibly changing the current patent troll process? Where can the reader go to find out more the petition?

Austin: Go here

This will force trolls to pay the defense cost of the other side if they file a suit that has no merit. And, if you want, you can help me defend against Uniloc.

I am sorry my replies are brief, and link to articles or statements made by others, but since I am being sued now, my ability to discuss specifics is limited.


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