X-Plane 10.35 to Include First Round of Gateway Airports

Jennifer Roberts

The X-Plane Airport Scenery Gateway has been up and running since August and the airport database has seen immense growth in that time. Over a thousand submissions have been made by the community of artists and Laminar Research is preparing for the first wide release of Gateway airports. Version 10.35 of X-Plane is currently in beta and contains 1154 3D airports in total, 562 of which are brand new. Many more airports have been subtly improved by artists who have tweaked taxi routes, taxi lines and more.

The image below shows where current Gateway submissions are located in the world.

Gateway map

Once X-Plane 10.35 is released in the weeks to come, users need to simply update their copy to automatically get all of the new airports.

Individuals interested in continuing the growth of the X-Plane world can get started by downloading WorldEditor, the free scenery tool from Laminar Research. Manuals and tutorials are also available, including a 13-part video tutorial.

Below are screenshots of a few of the new 3D airports that will be included in the X-Plane 10.35 update.

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