Kickstart the Burt Rutan Documentary

Jennifer Roberts

HI everyone!

OK, this is going to be too fun to miss.

Please check out this Kickstarter to fund “Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story.”

For anyone with an interest in what aviation CAN be, this is a documentary that you will want to see. The people that want to make this also made Black Sky, which was an incredible documentary on the Space Ship One project, so they DO know Burt Rutan and they WILL deliver the goods.

These folks are running tight on KickStarter time, and might not make their funding goal, so it would be awesome if anyone with an interest could kick in a few dollars to get this documentary made!

If you pledge just $25, you will get a digital download of the documentary, which I know will be great.

AND, if you pledge $250 or $500, they will give you VIP tickets to the premier! You can see it in New York or LA (they will show it in both).

Now here is where I think it will be super-fun: My wife and myself and a few Laminar Research people will be attending the Premier in New York… would you like to join us for dinner and drinks before or after the screening? All X-Planers are invited, so we will have a fun little X-Plane party before or after the movie. Come join us!

So if you do the $250 or $500 pledge to see the New York Premier, email me to get in on the X-Plane dinner before or after the movie as well! (One person could sign up or 50… It makes no difference! I will line up dinner reservations accordingly.)

Anyhoo, this looks like it will be a lot of fun…I am already looking forward to the premier and hope you can make it! Sign up at the link above, email me ([email protected])  if you buy a ticket to the New York Premier, and we will line up where to meet before or after the film!

— Austin Meyer

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