The State of X-Plane July 2015

Jennifer Roberts

Hello! Austin Meyer here.

We are cranking madly on X-Plane 10.40, adding tons of new features that you have been asking for, but also re-organizing the code from the inside out to be cleaner and better organized. THIS is what will allow us to have faster load-times, better frame-rates, and fewer bugs in the future (which is an ever-present goal that simply never goes away)!

In addition to the new features for X-Plane 10.40, I have also been working on Xavion, continuing to flight-test it in real airplanes. I use Xavion not just for guidance, but actually hook it up to the autopilot in real airplanes and watch as the iPad guides the airplane down after engine failure. This is fun, to say the least. We are currently working with TruTrak (the autopilot that Xavion can hook up to via an iLevil ADS-B receiver) to make the protocol between the devices as robust as possible, so that signal and GPS interruptions in flight have a minimum impact on the flight. Don’t forget you can grab a free copy Xavion on iTunes.

I continue to toy just a bit with Stradale–MY idea of what a driving sim should be, with what I believe are the most realistic physics I have seen in an driving simulation. Stradale is free on iTunes as well.

Finally, more important than all of my other work combined, I continue with my documentary on that absolute INSANITY of the United States Patent System, which is a far worse disaster than you can imagine, and does far more harm to innovation and business in this country than you could possibly believe. We are AWASH in an un-measurably huge sea of nonsensical patents, and the lawyers that own these patents are constantly suing companies that produce goods and services for “Patent Infringement.” Since the cost to the person or company being sued is about three MILLION dollars to defend themselves and untangle the mess, almost everyone settles with the lawyer, just giving them the extortion-money to go away. The documentary that I am making on the subject will begin to expose the tip of the iceberg of the problem, as I travel around the country interviewing the people affected. Head on over to my blog to see the latest amazing things that I have learned about flying from my Evolution, and the sea of absurdity that I have discovered from researching the disaster of incompetence and extortion that is our Patent System.

As well as the new stuff with X-Plane, Xavion, and Stradale, there are also two interesting projects going on now that you can be a part of!

Check out this Kickstarter! Here, some really accomplished documentary makers are making an incredible documentary about Burt Rutan’s latest airplane. Many of us helped get this funded and off the ground!

As well, check out this film. THIS one is interesting. Imagine a company is sued by patent trolls, and then takes out a patent to troll the trolls! This will be an indie-film comedy, and I have a feeling it might wind up being hilarious. They need funding to bring this timely comedy to life, and the awareness that it could bring about patent trolling is significant. Could you consider helping fund these people? I already have, and I am really excited to see the results!

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