X-Plane 11 Focuses on Usability

Jennifer Roberts

One of our biggest priorities for X-Plane 11 was modernizing the user interface. We wanted something that was both

  • easy to learn for new users, and
  • faster and less convoluted for power users.

Without sacrificing any of the features you expect, we made it easier to set up every aspect of your flight from one single screen.

In the new user interface, you can:

  • Sort aircraft by classification, engine type, or manufacturer. Mark your favorites to quickly find them later.
  • Start in exactly the right spot every time by choosing your starting location from a map, rather than a text list.
  • Use your mouse to drag and adjust visual representations of your weather (both wind and clouds).
  • Easily set up multiplayer or multi-machine simulators, without having a Ph.D. in computer networking—just pick the name of the machine you’re trying to connect to, and X-Plane does the rest.
  • Configure joystick buttons while looking at a picture of your device, instead of guessing which mystery button you’re assigning. (We’re hoping to cover about 70% of users’ primary flight controls on launch day, and add more in the future.)

Everything is designed with you, the sim pilot, in mind.

See it for yourself by watching the video tour below.

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