X-Plane Mobile 10.4 Now Available

Jennifer Roberts

The latest update to X-Plane 10 Mobile is now available, with a new FREE aircraft just in time for the holidays! The brand new Cirrus Jet SF50 is free for everyone with a copy of the app.

This update also includes cockpit manipulators in every aircraft. While every aircraft has some manipulator controls, the Cessna 172, Cirrus Jet SF50, and the new Boeing 737-800 have fully-implemented manipulator cockpits. That means almost everything in the cockpit is interactive…tune your own VORs, fly full ILS approaches, start the aircraft by hand and more!

The new quick-looks are designed to make it easier to interact with the panel. Double tap on the Garmin and the camera will move there to help you tune the radios. Double tap on the “six-pack” and the camera will move there to help you set your instruments. Each major section of the panel will have similar presets.

View a video demo of the new features or grab the update to experience them for yourself!

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