X-Plane Landing Competition at FlightSimExpo 2019

Thomson Meeks

Welcome, Captains, to the X-Plane 2019 landing competition! This will take place in real time at FlightSimExpo, on June 7-9, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Here is your briefing:

You are tasked with landing a 737-800 NG airliner at PAJN, Juneau, Alaska. Runway in use is 08 – you will fly the challenging LDA X RWY 8 approach. It features an instrument part with lateral localizer guidance to a point just 3.2 NM short of the threshold. Then you will have to rely on your manual flying skills to crest a ridge, align with the runway and smoothly touch down at 1000 feet downrange. The approach is offset almost 14 degrees from the runway direction.

Tryouts will take place Saturday, June 8, all day at the X-Plane booth, with the top finalists competing in the main auditorium in front of the FlightSimExpo attendees on Sunday at 9:30 AM. A panel of judges will decide the top winners.

More detailed information on how to register and compete in the contest will be forthcoming. We will also be announcing prizes… so stay tuned!

In the meantime you can enjoy the linked video below, flown by our professional airliner captain judge. You can also practice the approach yourself by downloading the situation file and PDF file which describes the approach in detail.

(NOTAM: The LR Landing Competition 2019.sit file should be placed in your X-Plane folder under OUTPUT, and then under SITUATIONS.)

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