November 2019’s Best X-Plane Add-Ons

Thomson Meeks

Here are some of our favorite add-ons from the month of November, 2019.


Orbx released their latest TrueEarth scenery package, Northern California, for X-Plane this month. This package includes fun quirks like Apple’s Spaceship campus and Yosemite National Park in addition to a variety of urban areas including, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Propstrike Studio is an X-Plane scenery developer that specializes in making gorgeous airports for your VFR/STOL ops. Most recently they have released Quantam River Airport, a small field in British Columbia, complete with a variety of off airport landing strips and helipads.


Flyingiron Simulations released their latest aircraft creation this month, a Grob G109B motor glider!

This month Thranda Design made their Kodiak Quest even more capable in X-Plane by adding a G1000 variant that includes Synthetic Vision.


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