Q&A with Gateway Artist amelingu

Jennifer Roberts

Guillaume is an Airport Scenery Gateway artist located in Brest in the North-West of France. We found out more about what motivates him to create X-Plane scenery.

Q: Why did you choose X-Plane as your flight simulator?
A: I chose X-Plane in 2009, for its stability, for the fact you can “feel the air” while flying.

Q: What motivates you to develop X-Plane scenery?
A: Accuracy of airport design is something very important to me. Whilst realizing it requires a tremendous amount of work and maintenance, I thought I would rather do something about it. I find it very rewarding to be able to improve the sim worldwide.

Q: Do you have a favorite airport that you have submitted to the Gateway?
A: The gateway airport I am the most proud of, at the moment, is definitely LFPO. And as mentioned on upload, Work is still In Progress. Being able to exchange ideas with other members of XPFR has definitely helped me up my game as a designer. In the XPFR team, we all learn from each other in a great atmosphere, while developing custom sceneries for X-Plane.

This level of detail for LFPO could also be achieved thanks to Litjan’s work on the Laminar project to improve Aerosoft’s LFPO scenery. He allowed me to use a lot of his 3D work, and this was another occasion to exchange new ideas, to make more relevant choices and to speed up the construction process.

Special big thanks to Triplemon for improving WED so quickly, thereby making it even more user friendly.

I hope Laminar Research will keep on working on the library, as well as airport operations with more functionalities. And the current set of lego bricks is for sure a big step forward. Personally, I think it already allows us to surpass some outdated custom objects.

Q: Do you have any advice for newbie Gateway artists?
A: To those who want to contribute to the gateway database, everything is there :
– WED Manual
– Litjan’s video tutorials
– More and more quality airports you can easily study in WED and learn from.

Finally, I would like to express all my gratitude to my partner and my newborn son, because this volunteering activity has taken a lot of time away from them. Making sceneries for X-Plane, whether it is a custom scenery or a scenery for the gateway, is extremely time consuming, even though very addictive and rewarding when time comes to share the result. And to me, it is very important new artists are aware of that.

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