Mobile’s Massive Multiplayer Released

Jennifer Roberts

The latest update for X-Plane Mobile is rolling out today! This releases the new massive multiplayer online (MMO) system to everyone, and users with a subscription can start using it immediately. The new MMO completely revamps how multiplayer works in X-Plane, and we now have:

  • A single shared world: Fly with anyone in the world! It no longer matters if your friends are on iOS or Android, or if they live down the street or across the globe.
  • Fly-In of the Day: We feature a different, popular airport each day and prompt everyone to go there to ensure you always have people to fly with! (And if you just want to “plane spot,” which our head MMO dev says “turns out to be surprisingly fun!”, you can always start up at a gate and go to an external camera.)

MMO is early access, and we’re going to be iterating as fast as possible on it going forward. We’d love to know what you want to see most, so let us know by taking our poll!

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