New Xavion Weather Maps

Thomson Meeks

Xavion is an iPad app that Austin wrote to give weather and guidance to pilots while flying real aircraft. Xavion downloads huge amounts of real weather data, both from the internet and the FAA’s ADSb system, and displays it to the pilot in a manner easy to digest in the middle of a flight.

See below for the some of the weather that Xavion can get. You can use this app in the real airplane or on the ground, driven by X-Plane! This represents the foundation on which the next generation of X-Plane weather rendering will be built. Download Xavion on the App Store here!

Enroute METARs

Winds Aloft

Surface Winds

Density Altitude

Temperature/Dew Point Spread

Surface Temperature


Bases Top

Cloud Layers

Turbulence Aloft

Icing Aloft

WiFi Route Weather


Winds Aloft – ADSb

Cloud Tops – ADSb


NEXRAD Lightning – ADSb

Alternate METARs

Trip Profile – Winds Aloft – WiFi Weather

Trip Profile – Turbulence Aloft – WiFi Weather

Trip Profile – Icing Aloft – WiFi Weather

Trip Profile – NEXRAD– WiFi Weather

Trip Profile – Turbulence Aloft – ADSb Weather

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