Meet X-Plane.

Powerful. Accurate. Amazing.

Shoot VFR & IFR Approaches

Set up a final approach in X-Plane with just a few clicks. You choose the weather, the airplane, the time, and the airport.

Coordinate with ATC

X-Plane’s artificially intelligent ATC governs runway operations just like a real controller. File a flight plan, request clearance, and more, just like in the real world.

Fly Your Airplane

Between the many options for free and paid add on aircraft, and the high quality aircraft included with X-Plane, you’re almost guaranteed to find your airplane of choice available in X-Plane.

Train with the Autopilot

X-Plane can model any autopilot configuration imaginable, and is also equipped to model many existing autopilots, such as the S-Tec 55, KAP-140, and Piper Autocontrol. The skills you build here will transfer to your own airplane.

Fly Your Home Airport

X-Plane 11 features virtually every airport on earth with runways laid out just like in real life, and over 10,000 airports have detailed 3D scenery.

Connect with Other Pilots

Using the VATSIM plugin, you can share the skies of your simulator with pilots from around the world, coordinated by human air traffic controllers.


How do you keep current?

You’re a pilot, so if you’re like us, the biggest challenge you face is keeping your skills sharp. Whether you’re training for your private pilot’s license or just your next flight review, you know it’s important to:

  • keep up your stick-and-rudder skills,
  • practice navigating (using both NAVAIDs and GPS systems), and
  • shoot approaches to maintain proficiency.

Why flight train in X-Plane?

Our flight simulator is easy to use, and it provides a safe environment to practice tricky situations. How prepared are you to land in a 30 mph crosswind? In heavy rain?

Be better prepared for emergency situations

X-Plane lets you simulate a host of systems failures, from your avionics to your engines. It can also simulate flight in a heavy storm, or landings in a crosswind. By preparing in X-Plane for these situations, you’ll be more confident in your abilities in the air.

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