A crucial component of your home flight training

Hi! This is the fourth email in the course on using a flight simulator to become a better pilot.

At this point in the course, we’ve talked about

  • Flying visual and instrument approaches
  • Practicing with the autopilot
  • Finding a virtual version of your aircraft

So at this point, you know a lot about the great things you can do with the home use version of X-Plane.

But if you want to take your flight sim experience even further, you might want the Professional-Use version of X-Plane.

What’s the difference?

The home-use version of X-Plane removes the 15 minute time restriction and contains scenery for the entire world.

In addition to this, X-Plane Professional includes features that:

  • Allow the simulator to be approved for FAA certification
  • Support cylindrical and spherical projection (useful for home cockpits and FBOs)
  • Can drive Garmin Real Simulator units

You’ve seen that X-Plane can be an invaluable tool for keeping your skills sharp. X-Plane Professional provides the additional features you need to be completely serious about using a simulator for flight training. Order today and unleash the simulator’s full potential.

In addition, if you or your organization is serious about the best simulated flight training you can get, check out the X-Plane training solutions available through hardware vendors such as Precision Flight Controls (PFC). You can have an FAA-certified sim for home or business use without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Until next time,

-Team X-Plane

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