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This month we have news on WorldEditor (WED) 1.6, which came out for beta testing last month, and some hints on how to get the most out of X‑Plane’s weather customize screen.

WorldEditor 1.6 Now Out

The latest version of WorldEditor, the scenery editing software for X-Plane, is now available! This is the first version that supports the features that are new to X-Plane 11, such as service vehicle routes. You can now search the hierarchy pane, view line, forest, or polygon files in the preview pane, and get a text document of any validation errors. Of course, it also includes better validation and tons of bug fixes.

As it is still in early beta testing, you can’t use this version to upload airports to the Gateway, to keep buggy scenery out of the database. You can get a copy of WorldEditor 1.6b1 here, and report any bugs on the Gateway Bug Reporter page.

Get WED 1.6

Tips and Tricks

In X-Plane 11, eight presets on the weather slider in Flight Configuration allow you to quickly set up your flight. But if you want to take total control over all aspects of your environment, the Customize screen has tons of additional options.

customize weather

At the bottom of the screen you can switch between three “weather modes”:

  • “Manually configured” means you will set the weather here in the window
  • “Match real world conditions” will download weather files from the internet
  • “From custom METAR file” allows you to upload a weather file you created

“Manually configured” mode gives you access to all the options you see in the image above. You can add, delete and move cloud or wind layers in the map in the middle. In the right side of the window, you can change the temperature, precipitation, visibility and more under “Atmospheric conditions,” or control the behavior of thermals and bodies of water.

X-Plane 11’s weather is simple to set when you don’t want a hassle, or it can be as complex and detailed as you need. For additional details on every aspect of setting the weather, check out this section of the manual.


Carenado is a well known name in the field of add on aircraft, with almost two dozen models available for X-Plane. Carenado recently added the PA34 Seneca V to their impressive list. This model features HD textures, the Carenado G500, new sounds, and an original autopilot.


The San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) scenery pack by MisterX6 features a highly accurate, updated airport layout with photoscenery and accurate building models. It also includes the Golden Gate Bridge and other famous landmarks from Presidio to Downtown and the airport. This scenery will work in X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11, but note that it requires the MisterX Library to run, and the optional AutoGate plugin for moving jetways.

MisterX6 KSFO

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