Hello there!

X-Plane 11.30 is nearing completion! The first release candidates were released mid-December and we’re fixing the final issues before rolling out the final version for everyone. We have a few more features to show you, as well as dates for events we’re attending in 2019.

Meet X-Plane in 2019

The X-Plane team may be coming to an event near you, and we hope to meet you there!

Dates and times are confirmed for:

We’ll also be in attendance at various autumn events with exact dates still to be determined:

We’ll also keep you notified if other events come up throughout the year.

11.30 Features

Embankments & Piers

X-Plane 11.30 introduces new facades and objects for the creation of embankments, sea-walls, piers, and docks in scenery packs. Scenery artists can use them in the same manner as the terminal and jetway kits.

X-Plane 11-30 embankments and piers

Airport Update

The latest Gateway airports are included in X-Plane 11.30. Over 1300 airports had new or improved 3D scenery in this update, and you can see screenshots of some of the standouts here.

UDYZ in latest update

Experimental Flight Model

In X-Plane 11.30 we’re striking a balance between cutting edge flight model changes and stability. The “use experimental flight model” checkbox allows you to toggle the option on and off to preview and provide feedback on the latest changes, or stay with stable version.

King Air flight model

Tips & Tricks

This tutorial goes over all the options in the General Settings screen of X-Plane 11.30. Many of these control how realistic the sim is, and having them on can provide helpful hints that make the sim easier to use, or explain things that go wrong.

General settings tutorial

This month brought four new add ons for you to enjoy. We have two aircraft and two scenery packs, including one free scenery!

December add ons

Gateway News

Last year the Gateway hit another major milestone: over 9,000 scenery packs have been submitted!

Additionally, scenery artist and pilot Jan Vogel has spent over 100 hours updating the world’s busiest airport with the latest scenery features. Here’s a sneak peek at the Atlanta (KATL) scenery that will be included with a future airport update.


Happy flying!

— The X-Plane Team