November 2018 – Two Major X-Plane 11.30 Features

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Beta testers are currently helping us track down bugs and issues in X-Plane 11.30.  We have a couple major changes that are in 11.30 to highlight this month, so that everyone’s ready for them once we can release a clean, stable version.

11.30 Features

Autopilot Updates

X-Plane 11.30 includes quite a few autopilot changes. A new S-Tec 55, which is a high-end general aviation dual-axis rate-based digital autopilot, in now installed in the default Cessna 172, and we have a video tutorial on how to use it.

C172 S-Tec 55

ATC Updates

A new and more powerful ATC voice system is included in the update as well! Check out this tutorial video on how to interact with X-Plane’s ATC system, including the new changes in 11.30.

Play ATC tutorial

Upcoming Events

X-Plane will be in attendance at FSWeekend in Lelystadt on 3 & 4 November. We’ll be showcasing X-Plane in VR at a booth, and we’ll also have presentations on Friday and Saturday.

This month brought more great new addon releases, including two new scenery packs and two aircraft.

October add ons

Gateway News

Scenery artist Anthony Dyer is on a mission to provide 3D scenery for all of the UK’s airports.

What motivates you to develop X-Plane scenery?

It kind of grew, as hobbies do, from satisfying my desire to fill in a few empty airports to the objective of making sure every airport under National Air Traffic Service (NATS) control in the UK was included in 3D. With every airport, attention to detail was important. I wanted to make airports that were enjoyable to fly to repeatedly. So If I could see a detail on the satellite image, no matter how insignificant, it had to go into the flight simulator. I think hobbies in the United Kingdom are things that we treat very seriously, whether it’s gardening, photography or in my case the prior two as well as airport building.

For me when I’m traveling on assignment, it’s been a very accessible hobby and one I can do almost anywhere in the world whenever I have some spare time. I’ve also found that when I’ve showed off my work to friends and colleagues who aren’t into flight simulators, a lot of them appreciate it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that everyone goes flying on commercial airliners these days, so they can all relate to a particular airport. If they see it in a virtual rendering, it makes them smile and that matters a lot.

ENGM by anthony_d

(This interview has been edited and condensed for space. Read the full interview here!)

Read the interview

Happy flying!

— The X-Plane Team

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