The most powerful flight display available—free to use with X-Plane

The most powerful flight display available—free in X-Plane

Hi! It’s Randy Witt again, from This is the third email in the course on getting the most out of X-Plane. A couple days ago, I showed you how to fly an approach in X-Plane like a CFI, and before that, we talked about finding a virtual version of your favorite aircraft on the Web so you could fly it to X-Plane.

Today I’m going to show you the flight display designed to make Garmin’s G1000 look like a toy. The display is called Xavion, and it’s available for your iPhone and iPad.

See Xavion in action

Here’s what Xavion does:

  • Serves as a backup to the plane’s primary instruments—airspeed indicator, artificial horizon, and so on
  • Provides advanced synthetic vision so you always know exactly what the terrain is like around you
  • Provides highway-in-the-sky guidance to your destination
  • Estimates your fuel expenditure at various speeds and altitudes, so you can fly as fast or as efficiently as you want
  • Provides emergency guidance to the safest nearby airport in an engine-out situation

Download the free demo

Here’s the great news: if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use Xavion for free with X-Plane. So, first download the demo and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

Download the free Xavion demo for your iPhone or iPad

Once you’ve downloaded it, click here for instructions on setting up Xavion with X-Plane.

Flying in the real world with Xavion

As I mentioned, Xavion is not just a great EFIS display for X-Plane—you can use it in a real airplane as

  • a synthetic vision system,
  • a backup instrument panel,
  • a highway-in-the-sky navigation tool,
  • a weight-and-balance calculator, and even
  • an engine-out emergency landing tool.

Garmin charges thousands of dollars for a synthetic vision system.

No one else even offers an emergency landing planner like this.

Using your iPhone or iPad, you can have the situational awareness and safety from both these features every time you fly. One pilot calls it “the most significant advance in aviation safety since the parachute.”

In order to use Xavion in your real-world cockpit, you can buy the full version of Xavion from the App Store. It’s a fraction of the cost of a Garmin system, and a fraction of the cost of an off-airport landing if you ever have an engine-out.

Download the full version of Xavion for use in a real plane

Wrapping up

I hope you like Xavion! Even if you never use it in a real plane, flying in X-Plane using the demo gives you the most realistic EFIS simulation available—pretty cool in my book!

In a few days, I’ll tell you about a few situations you absolutely can’t miss in X-Plane…

Until next time,

– Randy

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