X-Plane for iPhone and iPod Touch

X-Plane for iPhone and iPod Touch

Flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in X-Plane HDEF 4G

A match made in heaven.

The X-Plane Mobile apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch are fun little “slices” of the X-Plane desktop flight simulator that are just the right size to run on these Apple devices.

Like the other X-Plane Mobile apps, these simulators use a flight model that is about 95% as accurate as that of the desktop simulator–that is, 95% as accurate as the simulator currently being used by companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. They also have many of the same weather, sky, and time conditions available. Each of the $10 “slices” comes with four to six aircraft that can be used to explore the virtual skies of four to six regions of the globe, spanning from America’s West Coast to the capital of Nepal. Uniquely, the Space Shuttle app comes with only one aircraft (the shuttle Orbiter) and one region (Edwards Air Force Base), but its five missions are enough to challenge users for a long time.

Updates to the X-Plane Mobile applications are released periodically. As the graphics, flight model, and interface technology are improved on one X-Plane Mobile app, all the applications will be updated–for free! Much, much more is still in the wings!

The goal of the X-Plane apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch is to have most of the fun and power of the full desktop version available in a portable form. Due to these devices’ limited RAM and screen area, this will be broken into a number of little “pieces” of the desktop simulator. By pricing at only $10 (or less), though, we can offer a pretty amazing value for each of these pieces of the X-Plane desktop simulator.

See it in action!

Check out the iPhone/iPod Touch section of [name n=”Multimedia (X-Plane Mobile)”]the Multimedia page[/name].

What’s the difference?

Wondering what the difference is between the Palm Pre and iPhone/iPod Touch versions of X-Plane Mobile? The answer is… almost nothing. Both versions share all the same flight controls, the same graphics, the same interface, and so on. The only noticeable difference is… the loading screen.

Have a latest-generation iPhone or iPod Touch?

The new X-Plane HDEF 4G—available only for iPhone 4 and the 4th-generation iPod Touch—bundles together all the features, aircraft, and flight regions of seven X-Plane apps for the iPhone 3 and iPod Touch. Of course, you can still run your iPhone 3 apps on an iPhone 4, but the new high definition textures, 3-D buildings, and instrument panel view make X-Plane HDEF 4G a worthwhile upgrade. Read more about it on [name n=”X-Plane HDEF 4G”]its app page[/name].

About each app

Click on each app’s name below to go to its own page, or click the iTunes App Store link to go to its page for purchasing.

X-Plane HDEF 4G

X-Plane HDEF 4G is the most compact and powerful mobile flight simulator yet from Laminar Research. With forty general aviation craft and twenty-two flight regions, X-Plane HDEF 4G is a complete flight simulation experience. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane HDEF 4G”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane 9

The “X-Plane 9” application for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the one that started it all. With seven general aviation craft, six flight regions, working autopilot and navigation radios, and user-configurable weather, time of day, aircraft weight, X-Plane 9 is the perfect introduction to X-Plane Mobile. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane 9 (Mobile)”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Airliner

X-Plane Airliner’s huge flight regions are designed to simulate the kind of long-range, instrument-capable flights that real airline pilots perform. Its eight “big birds,” with their realistic autopilot and navigation functions, make this app a lot of fun. Find X-Plane Airliner at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Airliner”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Extreme

X-Plane Extreme is the speed demon’s version of X-Plane Mobile. Not only does it feature the fastest airplane ever flown (the SR-71 Blackbird), it also comes with the fastest manned aircraft in the world (the rocket-powered X-15). The ultra-maneuverable, ultra-powerful F-22 Raptor will also turn some heads, to say nothing of the B-1 “Bone,” the B-2 Spirit, and the B-52 Stratofortress. Find it all at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Extreme”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Airshow

X-Plane Airshow is the first X-Plane app that allows you to fly with yourself. To fly an airshow, you’ll first fly through a flight routine and save it. Then, using the same aircraft, you’ll do your best to hold formation with a recorded version of that first flight. Find X-Plane Airshow at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Airshow”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Remote

X-Plane Remote is designed to interface a user’s iPhone or iPod Touch with a desktop (or laptop!) copy of X-Plane. The device can be used as a wireless joystick (whose controls function just like in the other X-Plane Mobile apps). At the same time, the device can display the aircraft’s instrument panel or an external moving map. This is a must for users that travel or for anyone who enjoys the X-Plane Mobile flight controls. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Remote”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Glider

X-Plane Glider is the first X-Plane Mobile app to feature gliders–from towing, to soaring, to setting down for a landing. The app comes with one powered and two unpowered gliders, as well as the Cessna 172 towplane. Innsbruck, Austria and five other gorgeous flight regions are provided, letting the user soar across all manner of amazing terrain with steep, tall mountains, watching the accurately simulated ridge lift carry the glider up. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Glider”]its app page[/name].


X-Planner is a tool for flight planning. Users begin by entering the performance of their plane (this only needs to be done once and takes maybe 15 minutes). After that, users enter the departure and destination for wherever they are flying, as well as the winds aloft. X-Planner will then show the plane’s weight and center of gravity with the take-off fuel on board and weight and gravity at zero-fuel as a red line across the weight and balance envelope, so users can see if they will be within weight and balance for the entire flight. Find X-Planner at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Planner”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Seaplane

X-Plane Seaplane is the first X-Plane Mobile app to feature water operations. It features not only amphibious airplanes, but also an amphibious helicopter! Find X-Plane Seaplane at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Seaplane”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Carrier

X-Plane Carrier is an ultra-realistic air combat and carrier operations simulator. Your ultimate goal in the sim is to take off from the carrier, destroy your adversary in the air without being shot down yourself, and return to the carrier for landing. Complete with catapults, guns, guided missiles, and arresting gear, this is the most realistic app of its kind. Find X-Plane Carrier at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Carrier”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Racing

X-Plane Racing is the first X-Plane app (desktop or mobile) with timed race courses that allow users to race against the computer or their friends via the Multiplayer mode. With a polished AI and a total of twenty-four different race courses, this is sure to keep users challenged for a while. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Racing”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Helicopter

X-Plane Helicopter is the only X-Plane application for the iPhone and iPod Touch which features helicopter flight. Spanning the industry from pilot trainers to military troop movers, the app features the Robinson R22, Bell 206, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, Sikorsky H-3 Sea King, and Sikorsky S-76C. Fly the Grand Canyon region and understand why this app is incredible. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Helicopter”]its app page[/name].

Space Shuttle

Unlike the other X-Plane Mobile apps, Space Shuttle has only one aircraft available–the shuttle Orbiter. Users can sit back and watch the Shuttle’s launch and entry into orbit, or take control docking with the International Space Station. If you’re up for a challeng, fly the complete re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere (from nearly 200,000 feet), or try the approach to Edwards. Find Space Shuttle at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”Space Shuttle (X-Plane Mobile)”]its app page[/name].

X-Plane Apollo

X-Plane Apollo is the most complete, realistic simulation of a lunar landing available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It allows users to follow in the footsteps of the Apollo 11 crew, going from orbit around the moon, to entry into the atmosphere, to touchdown on the surface, to roving around the cratered terrain, to meeting back up with the command module in orbit. Find X-Plane Apollo at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”X-Plane Apollo”] its app page[/name].

Giant Fighting Robots

Giant Fighting Robots is designed as a series of mini-games in which the user becomes a robot pilot in order to defend humanity. The robots gradually progress to more and more advanced fighting craft as the machines get more and more capable and customizable. As the game goes on, the user will get access to Gatling guns, lasers, lightning guns, and guided machine guns (among about a dozen other weapons). Battles take place on a dozen different foreign worlds as the user fights back hordes of the heavily armed, artificially intelligent Spider bots. Find it at the iTunes App Store, or learn more on [name n=”Giant Fighting Robots”]its app page[/name].


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