Giant Fighting Robots

Giant Fighting Robots

Immersive combat, thrilling machines

Giant Fighting Robots is a new kind of app available on a variety of mobile devices from Laminar Research, creators of the X-Plane line of flight simulators. It grew out of Laminar’s experience in creating the mobile versions of the X-Plane simulator, but is itself not related to flight simulation at all (though the physics are pretty realistic!). Instead, Giant Fighting Robots is a virtual reality combat simulator.

Giant Fighting Robots is designed as a series of mini-games in which the “pilot” of the robot (which is known officially as an All-Terrain Attack Walker, or ATAW) gradually progresses to more and more advanced fighting craft as the machines get more and more capable and customizable. As the game goes on, the user will get access to Gatling guns, lasers, lightning guns, and guided machine guns (among about a dozen other weapons). Battles take place on a dozen different foreign worlds as the user fights back hordes of the heavily armed, artificially intelligent Spider bots.

Users start off in the Genesis-class ATAW, which is nothing more than a modified cargo-walker with a few aircraft air-to-ground guns mounted on the top. It is a pretty silly defense against the alien attack, but it is all humanity can throw together on short notice. As the alien invaders are defeated at progressively harder levels, the Human Cascade will have time to develop increasingly powerful ATAWs and weapon systems, making each future combat engagement more complex and violent. The user will progress to faster moving ATAWs like the Huron, or to heavier ones like the Galaxy or Titanic, while also acquiring some really frightening weapons systems like the flame thrower, the high-capacitance laser, the ion cannon, or the guided torpedo.

We believe this is the most immersive, intense combat simulation for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Palm Pre. Can you handle it?

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The Giant Fighting Robots manual can be downloaded using this link. Alternatively, you can view the Wiki version online.


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