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Note: Information provided below is for legacy support only. Only X-Plane 10 Mobile is currently available in the App Store.

The most uplifting X-Plane Mobile app

X-Plane Glider is the first X-Plane Mobile app to feature gliders–from towing, to soaring, to setting down for a landing.

The simulator comes with four aircraft–two unpowered gliders, one powered glider, and a Cessna 172 (used as a towplane for the unpowered gliders).

When flying the unpowered gliders, users start out on their runway of choice, right behind the towplane. Turning off the brakes gives the tow pilot the go ahead to take off, pulling the glider with it to altitude. Once the craft has been successfully towed to altitude, the real fun begins–gliding!

In addition to accurately simulating the physics of the aircraft, X-Plane Glider simulates ridge lift, the phenomenon of wind blowing up and over the mountains, climbing or descending to follow the contours of the terrain.

Innsbruck, Austria and five other gorgeous flight regions are provided, letting the user soar across all manner of amazing terrain with steep, tall mountains, watching the wind indicator in the lower left to monitor the wind direction and speed, then hunting for the perfect mountain slope at a right angle to that wind, pushing the air up into a free elevator for a ride to altitude!

Included Aircraft

X-Plane Glider gives users the choice of four aircraft:

  • a Schleicher ASK 21 composite trainer,
  • a high performance Schempp-Hirth Cirrus,
  • a PZL Bielsko SZD-45 Ogar powered glider, and
  • a Cessna 172.

Get it from the iTunes Store

Purchase X-Plane Glider for the iPhone and iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store.

Get it from the webOS store

Purchase X-Plane Glider for the Palm Pre using this link.

X-Plane Glider: Found in the main X-Plane Mobile manual

The main X-Plane Mobile manual (which includes X-Plane Glider) can be downloaded using this link. Alternatively, users can view the manual online at the X-Plane Glider entry in the X-Plane Wiki.


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