X-Plane HDEF 4G

Note: Information provided below is for legacy support only. Only X-Plane 10 Mobile is currently available in the App Store.

The most powerful simulator you can hold in one hand

Available exclusively for iPhone 4, X-Plane HDEF 4G is the most compact and powerful mobile flight simulator yet from Laminar Research.

X-Plane HDEF 4G takes all the features of seven X-Plane applications for the iPhone 3/iPod Touch and stuffs them into one app for iPhone 4. It is the iPhone counterpart to the all-in-one X-Plane for iPad app.

The X-Plane simulator looks glorious on iPhone 4’s 960×640 pixel Retina display. The screen’s resolution is too high to distinguish individual pixels, so with X-Plane HDEF 4G running with the fluidity our customers have become accustomed to, it’s completely immersive.

X-Plane HDEF 4G, like all the X-Plane Mobile applications, is based on the most powerful, versatile, and accurate flight simulator in the world–the same simulator used by companies like NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. Using this flight model, it’s easy to believe you’re actually soaring through the clouds over California, Alaska, Austria, and more.

The iPhone 4 simulator uses the same high-definition image textures and scenery terrain data found in the iPad version. The simulator’s 3-D buildings and true-to-life airport terminals (found in Seattle, San Francisco, and Innsbruck, Austria) provide more visual appeal than was imaginable using the previous generation of iPhone.

New instrument panels grace the cockpits of the aircraft, with knobs, switches, and levers that function just like in a real cockpit. Within the cockpit, you’ll hear air traffic control chatter–just like you would in the real aircraft, and just like you do in the X-Plane desktop simulator.

The application comes with forty aircraft, ranging from the Cessna 172, to the F-18 Super Hornet, to the ASK 21 glider, to the SR-71 Blackbird, to the UH-60 Black Hawk, to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. These aircraft can fly across over twenty regions, located in Florida, Alaska, Washington, New York, Nepal, Austria, and more.

Updates to the X-Plane HDEF 4G application will be released periodically. We’ll be making improvements to the graphics, flight model, and interface technology, and releasing them as free updates available through the App Store.

Thanks the phenomenal new scenery, excellent flight model, and fun new interface, flying X-Plane HDEF 4G is a truly worthwhile experience. Try it out and see.

Purchasing X-Plane HDEF 4G

The X-Plane HDEF 4G application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Get the manual

Download the manual for the X-Plane HDEF 4G and X-Plane for iPad apps using this link, or read it online here in the X-Plane Wiki.


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