X-Plane Remote

A new wave of technology

Note: X-Plane Remote is not compatible with X-Plane 10, and we currently have no plans for an update. As such, this page is provided solely for legacy support.

X-Plane Remote is a unique application designed to integrate a copy of X-Plane running on a desktop (or laptop) computer with an iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad.

Using the X-Plane Remote, the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad can be used as a wireless joystick to control the desktop copy of X-Plane. This is especially useful when traveling, as most people don’t want to haul a joystick around in addition to their laptop. In this case, X-Plane Remote will turn the user’s mobile device into a pretty good substitute for a full joystick used at home.

Using the Remote, users can control the throttle, flaps, speedbrakes, landing gear, and brakes on their desktop or laptop copy of X-Plane, just like in the mobile versions of X-Plane!

X-Plane Remote can also be used in situations that before required either another monitor or a separate computer. For instance, it can be used to display the cockpit of the aircraft–from general aviation aircraft, to commercial EFIS craft, to the Space Shuttle. This means users can fly their desktop or laptop copy of X-Plane in full-screen scenery mode, using their mobile device as an instrument panel and joystick!

X-Plane Remote can also show a moving map, turning the mobile device into a simple external map for X-Plane as the user flies–another option which required a separate monitor in the past. Now, though, even users traveling with a laptop can use their iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad as a wireless joystick and an external moving map. The built-in Airport on newer Macbooks makes even a network connection unnecessary!

For an even more creative use, imagine hooking up your desktop computer to a huge flat screen TV in your living room. With a high resolution, running in full-screen mode (no instrument panel) mode, you could have X-Plane’s beautiful scenery filling your entire TV. Then, with the computer connected to the same network as your iPhone or iPod Touch, you could use the device as a wireless joystick and instrument panel, complete with throttles, flaps, speedbrakes, gear, brakes, and a full instrument panel. With those controls and instruments, you could go through a full flying regime, from sightseeing to touch-and-gos to full instrument approach procedures, including ILS and VOR approaches.

This is simply stunning stuff… a new wave of technology!

Get it from the iTunes Store

Purchase the X-Plane Remote app for the iPhone and iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store.

Please note that X-Plane Remote for iPad is no available for purchase; it has been replaced by EFIS App for iPad.

Get the manual

The X-Plane Remote manual can be downloaded using this link. Or, you can view it online using the Wiki manual.


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