Dear X-Plane,


My name is Braden Boggs. I’m 14 years old and my dream is to be a commercial airline pilot. I’ve been playing X-Plane since I was 10. I have a flight simulator set up at home with an IMAC, X-Plane 10, rudder pedals, yoke and throttle and I’ve logged way over 1000 hours on my X-Plane simulator.

My dad earned his pilot’s license a few years ago. He flies a Cessna 172 on weekends for fun. I often sit in the right seat. My dad would let me fly some at safe altitudes. I learned to hold heading and altitude and did some coordinated turns and some pattern work. That’s about it. Well… I recently started taking flight lessons myself. After 2 hours of ground school I flew with an instructor for the first time a few weeks ago…. AND… I landed the aircraft UNASSISTED my on my first flight!!! My instructor ran up to my dad and said after 3000 hours of instructing, he only had 1 other student ever do that! My dad and my instructor were very impressed with my flying ability on my first official lesson!! I told them, “Well, I have 1000 hours on my X-Plane simulator!”

I’m so grateful for X-Plane. It has totally helped me increase my flight skills and abilities.

Braden Boggs