Filippo S.

“I’m a pilot in real life. I started with the PPL license in 2005, then I decided to make a step forward and earned the CPL license, the ME and the IR ME ratings in 2014. During all my training, X-Plane proved to be a very valuable training aid, I had the opportunity to study a lot of instrument procedures (departures, arrivals, approaches). Now I’m using X-Plane to familiarise myself with a well-known flight planning and navigation tool on iOS, since this tool natively supports X-Plane.

As a real pilot, I use X-Plane regularly to stay current with instrument procedures, familiarise with new airports, preview real flights I plan to do in my weekends especially if I’m going to carry passengers.
The feature I’m looking forward to most in X-Plane 12: since I’m a pilot in real life and X-Plane is my favorite training tool, the overall realism is paramount. Therefore I always look for study-level aircraft & systems, and realistic weather. I’m also glad to know that XP12 will feature built-in dual control, I don’t fly multicrew-certified aircraft in real life, but I’m in contact with real airline pilots (operating on B737 and A320 for two well-known low-cost airlines) so the opportunity to simulate dual control with them is very exciting. So, to summarize, here is my “hype list” for the new features: 1) aircraft systems & avionics, 2) clouds and seasons, 3) dual control.”

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