“I’ve been an X-Plane user since ~2015, and ever since then, my view of aviation has changed drastically. I fell in love with the simulation, and fell in love with General Aviation as a whole. I started working on my Private Pilot a couple years ago, and X-Plane helped that come to fruition. As I grew in my pilot training, I had started to truly utilize X-Plane as a training platform for me to understand procedures, and what to expect when I go to an airport.

As I kept on, I did eventually change aircraft. Glad that the 3rd Party market was so vast, found the exact aircraft I was looking for, and kept studying that aircraft’s procedures. X-Plane truly did help me in my flight training. As time passed I started working college, and received my Associates degree. From there a door opened up to truly become an airline pilot, I bit the bullet. I started my time at ATP in McKinney, Texas this past year and have received my Instrument Rating, and after the new year am beginning my Multi-Engine training.

Thanks for the great things you do as a simulation, Laminar!”