Martin P.

“As I simulate dynamic visual effects, it usually take several hours to bake a realistic visual fireball, an interactive fluid or whatever else for a film or video game, but X-Plane caught my attention in terms of simulating a large complexity in real time in a non-linear manner, this was computationally very impressive to me so a part from this I was afraid of flying in real life as passenger and I had no idea about planes and I was curious to learn more about the Cessna to see if I was capable of flying it. After a few attempts I was flying and no more fear because I started to understand more about this and because I love 3D, I wanted to create my own airplanes.

I enjoy watching my aircraft designs being simulated in real time in XP and I also like scenery creation. So I started learning the Plane Maker and I immediately felt very happy with the ecosystem because I was learning a lot through it, for me is all about doing my own designs while I learn. As for sceneries I also use geographic software to update terrain data in the topography of a scenery, so I am constantly learning and I also love singing and making sounds that I could apply to my creativity but also expand my 3D services.”

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