The historic DC-3 is a fantastic addition to an already stellar line-up of planes in X-Plane 10 Mobile. What a beautiful cockpit the classic DC-3 has and the detail is incredible. You can do a full start-up procedure on various planes if you do a little research online. I can start the Cessna and the DC-3, but I’m not quite ready to start the 737 with its expansive set of buttons and switches. The cockpits of all the planes are highly detailed and the developers have said they are committed to improving the sim as time goes by. You can just start in a fully running plane if you want and fly around, and enjoy the sights to your hearts content. Fly at various times of day or night in various weather conditions and enjoy the scenery of the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Seattle, Alaska, or Austria. You can set your flight up the way you want including failures if you’d like the thrill of piloting your plane back home with an engine or two not working. Keep up the excellent work X-Plane 10 Developers it is appreciated.