X-Plane 9 App for Android

Note: Information provided below is for legacy support only. Only X-Plane 10 Mobile is currently available in the Google Play Store.

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X-Plane 9 for Android

Now available on a handset near you.

X-Plane for Android

X-Plane for Android is a “slice” of the X-Plane desktop simulator, designed specifically for (relatively powerful) Android mobile devices.

Like the other X-Plane Mobile apps, the Android app uses a flight model that is about 85% as accurate as that of the desktop simulator–that is, 85% as accurate as the simulator currently being used by companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. It also has many of the same weather conditions available. The app includes seven aircraft, which can be used to explore the virtual skies of six regions of the globe, spanning from America’s West Coast to Innsbruck, Austria.

Updates to the X-Plane Mobile applications are released periodically. As the graphics, flight model, and interface technology are improved on one X-Plane Mobile app, all the applications will be updated–for free! We have big plans for the future of the mobile flight simulator.

The X-Plane 9 app for Android is identical to the X-Plane 9 app on other platforms (like the iPhone and iPod Touch) with respect to the aircraft, flight regions, menus, etc.

X-Plane for Android delivers amply on our promise of a simulator that is fun, powerful, accurate, and portable.

For more information on the X-Plane 9 app for Android, see its app page.

See it in action!

Check out the pre-release Android teaser video below.

Purchasing the Android app

The easiest way to purchase the X-Plane Mobile app is to click here, bringing up the X-Plane page on the Android Web Market. Purchasing the application there will cause it to automatically download on your phone after a few moments.

Alternatively, scanning the QR code to the right with an Android phone’s camera will bring up the app page in the Market automatically.

What’s the difference?

Wondering what the difference is between the Android, Palm Pre, and iPhone/iPod Touch versions of the X-Plane 9 app? The answer is… almost nothing. All the versions versions share the same flight controls, the same graphics, the same interface, and so on. The only noticeable difference is… the loading screen.

X-Plane for Android: Found in the X-Plane Mobile manual

The main X-Plane Mobile manual (which includes X-Plane for Android) can be downloaded using this link. Alternatively, you can read the manual on our Wiki, here.

Having trouble buying or installing?

If you can’t find X-Plane in the Android Market on your phone, or if you’re having trouble downloading and installing the application, please see the Knowledge Base article on correcting the issues, where possible.

For instructions on purchasing the add-on aircraft available for X-Plane for Android, see this Knowledge base article.


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